For a Silent Man

Shall I compare the to a summers day...

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For a Silent Man

Post by eponymousbosch?^ » Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:54 pm

Holy Moses!
never made it on time
for the Judgement Day
Moving so fast
I can't stop on a dime
…..always MIA

Pretty soon I have to leave
to find someone that I believe
can save me
praise me
Long ago I hit the wall
and someone I can't quite recall
deceived me
hauled me from debris

Hard to wait on the Man with the Power
when all is forlorn
Three o' Clock
only lives for an hour
'till Four is born
Here I stand beneath the light
I wonder what's in store tonight
Taking cover
Starting over
Smelling coffee
Smelling rain
It's January once again
So cold....
feeling sort of old

Tuesday morning never seemed to arrive
until yesterday
Almost thought I wouldn't make it alive
made it anyway
All the things that I'd been through
All the things I had to do
by midnight
Here I stand with
all the Others
Brand new sisters
Brand new brothers
Solemn family...….

And I wonder of
the things that I do
Not a Ghost of a Plan
Evening gathers all the stars up above
For a Silent Man

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