monsters are real (not just shadows under the bed)

Shall I compare the to a summers day...

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monsters are real (not just shadows under the bed)

Post by scarab280 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:19 pm

there are
a few small pieces
of me with
edges quite sharp
not necessarily broken
just jagged and scarred
from things best
left unspoken
lest whispered close
in the dark
it's a cost
of stolen childhood
sweet innocence lost
not always understood
but can set one apart
precious pieces taken
with no consent
with no asking
now my shoulders
oft are a shaking
a skill needed of masking
this sorrow deep
tears fall for years
as I
a grieving
for the child
who at 12
stopped believing
the world is made of light
replaced instead
by cold terrors
in the dead of
each sleepless night
monsters are real
not just shadows
under the bed
they creep and they steal
forever more in your head
that which was taken
can never be renewed
trust all gone forsaken
the monster was excited
as his sick prize
he gleefully pursued
at first all smiles
then came his ruse
'hey let's be friends'
as he dosed her soda
sadistic means
to his wicked ends

monsters are real
not just under the bed
sometimes I wonder
will I ever
get him


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