House Moderation and Banning

User Guide for the Neighborhood.
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House Moderation and Banning

Post by LeroyBrown » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:38 pm

In the PHPBB world banning by IP and email address are a site level feature, and will only be used when a user is completely out of control. If you feel that such a ban is warranted please contact The Neighborhood Watch or email To ban a user from a House or to add new moderators to a forum please review the how-to. Forum level permissions are handled through group affiliation.

A group leader is a group member with two special abilities. First they can add other members to a group. Secondly they can be excluded from a group's permissions. This becomes critical in the BAN groups.

Each House has three main groups by default.

House Abbreviation_Admin: Admins have full access to their house and all available permissions.
House Abbreviation:_Mods: Modes can Lock Topics, Move Topics, Split Topics, Merge Topics, Reinstate and approve Threads, Soft delete comments, Post Announcements and Post Stickies
Mods cannot Change a user for a post, or permanently delete a post.
House Abbreviation_BAN: This user can not post in or even see the House they were banned from

Managing Groups

You can add and remove moderators form your User Control Panel -> Usergroups -> Manage Groups
Click on Manage Users next to the group you wish to add them too or remove them from.
To add a user put their name in the user name box at the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

To remove a user, click the check box next to their name. select Remove Members From group drop down and click submit.

If you need other users to have the ability to add new mods to a group please contact The Neighborhood Watch or email

Giving Moderators Banning Permission for a House

In order to have ban permissions for a House you must be a group leader for the House Abbreviation_BAN group. Currently adding group leaders is an Administrative function. Please contact The Neighborhood Watch or email

Banning Users

To ban a user they must be added to the House Abbreviation_BAN group but not a group owner. You can follow the instructions above to add a user to this group.

To remove a users ban, you have to remove them from this group. Likewise follow the instructions above.

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