Awkward Arguments Terminology

User Guide for the Neighborhood.
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Awkward Arguments Terminology

Post by nellienobody » Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:12 pm

Please note: The old Awkward Arguments, on the Disqus platform, used different terminology than our new Awkward Arguments, on the phpBB platform. In some instances, the new terminology is unique to Awkward arguments. Where you see "AKA" below, the alternate term is one you may see in phpBB documentation such as the FAQs.

Neighborhood: The collection of "houses" on Awkward Arguments; equivalent to the collection of all channels on Disqus

House (AKA "forum" in phpBB documentation): A collection of topics; equivalent to a single channel on Disqus

Room (AKA "topic" in phpBB documentation): A collection of individual user posts; equivalent to a discussion on Disqus

Post: An individual user's comment, created using the posting form; can contain text, links, images, media, and attachments; can be the initial post that starts a topic or a reply to that post or to another user's post; equivalent to a comment on Disqus

Posting form: The page that appears when you click New Topic, Post Reply, the Reply with quote icon, or the Quote button in the Reply with selected quotes pop up. The posting form contains a variety of functions that allow: formatting text; inserting links, images, and media; adding smilies; setting options; and attaching items.

BBCode (Bulletin Board Code): a markup language similar to HTML in that it uses pairs of tags to control how content is displayed. A BBCode tag is indicated with square brackets ([]) surrounding a tag name. A pair of tags includes:
  • A start tag, which indicates the beginning of the formatting and includes a left square bracket ([), a tag name, and a right square bracket (]).
  • An end tag, which indicates the end of the formatting and includes includes a left square bracket ([), a right slash (/), a tag name, and a right square bracket (]).
You can insert BBCode into a comment by clicking any of the toolbar buttons above the content editing area on the posting form or by typing the code directly onto the content editing area.

For more information on BBCode, refer to: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=15

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