The User Control Panel (UCP)

User Guide for the Neighborhood.
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The User Control Panel (UCP)

Post by LeroyBrown » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:09 pm

The User Control Panel (UCP) is where you can customize your experience on Awkward Arguments. The sheer number of settings can be daunting at first glance. Here is a quick run down of UCP.

To access the UCP click on the drop down next to it. Select User Control Panel.


Front Page
Here you can see your user statistics.

Manage Subscriptions
Here you can see the Houses or Topics you subscribe to. You can also remove subscriptions by clicking the check box next the the subscription you wish to removed and clicking Unwatch marked. You can set up notification for subscriptions in the Notification Options. See the section for Notification Options for more details.

Manage Bookmarks

Here you can see the Topics you have bookmarked. You can also remove bookmarks by clicking the check box next the the subscription you wish to removed and clicking Unbookmark marked. You can set up notification for bookmarks in the Notification Options. See the section for Notification Options for more details.

Manage Drafts
If you are working on a post and need to walk away you can save that post as a draft. That way if you are disconnected while you are away the post is available for editing. Here is where you will see and be able to edit or delete those posts.

To edit and post the draft you must click the load draft link.
You can edit a draft by clicking the edit draft link.
You can delete a draft by clicking on the check box and clicking on the Delete Checked Drafts button.

Note: Something I learned the hard way while making this how-to attachments are not saved as part of drafts.

Manage Attachments
This is where you can see and manage all the images you have attached to your posts. You can also delete these images by check the check box next to them and clicking Delete Attached Images.

If we can all make an effort to occasionally remove attached images from the server it will help keep the server size manageable and delay the necessity to prune posts. Everyone's assistance is very much appreciated.

Manage Notifications
Here you can see all your notifications. You can also mark them as read and click on them to go to the triggering event.


Edit Profile
This is where you can add basic information about yourself, like your birthday and location. You can also add links to your websites and Social Media.

Edit Avatar
Here you can add an avatar. Please pay attention to the size limitations listed. We support both uploaded images and Gravatar avatars.

Edit Account Settings
This is where you can change your password, username (If you aren't website founder) and email address.

Board Preferences

Edit Global Settings
Here you can set preferences for the site behavior. a couple options worth noting

Hide my online states: effects whether or not other users can see when you are in the neighborhood.
My Board Style: Allows you to chose between available board styles to customize your look.

Edit Posting defaults
This is where you can set default settings for your posts. It generally best to leave the first two on. The third option is turned off site wide.

The "Notify me upon replies by default" setting: will over ride any settings in your Notification settings and you will be emailed any time someone reply's to one of your posts.

Edit Display Options
This is where you can control behavior about the appearance of the board when you view them. For most users it is best to leave all options on unless you are sure you don't want to display a particular feature. You can also lay out how your topics are sorted and how far back you wish to review topics. For most users the default settings will work best.

Edit Notification options
This is where you can set your notification options for Awkward Arugments. There are two ways we can notify you of an event. The first is through the email you registered with, the second is on the Manage Notification screen. For each event you can chose how you wish to be notified or not all.

Private Message

Private messages work very much like email, the only difference is all messages are stored on and remain on


This section only pertains to mods. for more information please see EDIT

Friends And Foes
Here is where you can manager you friends list as well as your foe list. Friends are people you wish to keep tabs on, you will be given a quick link to their porofile on this page. Foes is what Awkward Arguments uses as a ban list. You will not see posts from foes. It's important to note that you can not add Admins, Mods, or Friends to your Foes list.

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